Confederate Avenue to be renamed?

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Emotions are running high over the name of an Atlanta street. There's a new push to rename Confederate Avenue. Some say it's history and it should stay, others say it's a part of history they don't want to be reminded of. 

Atlanta City Councilwoman Carla Smith filed legislation to rename Confederate Avenue. Thursday night Councilwoman Smith held a "listening session" to let people voice their opinions.  

This isn't the first time this has been considered.  After a series of racially charged incidents across the country, including a mass shooting at a church in South Carolina by a white supremacist, an advisory committee on City of Atlanta Street Names and Monuments concluded a number of street names in the city should be changed. Councilwoman Smith says the time to proceed is now.     

"I got a petition from residents on the street, more than half of the residents want this," said Smith.

One possible name that has been batted around is United Avenue. Mary Bell has lived on Confederate Avenue for 43 years. She raised her son, Tom, here. Tom says growing up the name never bothered him, but he does say United Avenue has a nice ring to it. 

"United, coming together, it's good," said Bell.

Kylie Alea likes it too. She says it's not about forgetting the past, it's about moving forward to a more positive future. 

"I think if it makes people more comfortable and isn't so polarizing, I'm completely okay with that and support it," said Alea.

There will be a Public Hearing with the Utilities Committee on the potential name change Sept. 25.