Clothing rental options to fit all ages, styles and shapes

Renting clothes to wear can be a great idea. Got a fancy party? Don't buy an expensive dress for one night. Rent a discounted dress. And it's environmentally-friendly, too, if that matters to you.

And the options now feel unlimited. There are rentals for fancy party clothes, some for kids, and now this one which will pique the interest of many young people.

"Urban Outfitters," the clothing and apartment furnishings chain, along with its sister stores "Free People" and the boho shop "Anthropologie" have a rent-to-wear site coming out this summer. It's called Nuuly. And here's the plan. For $88 a month you can rent six items monthly. When you're done you ship them back in the reusable bag at no cost to you. And you can buy an item from your group if you fall in love with it. They wash it. laundry! And Nuuly will offer what they call "rare vintage" pieces as well.

"Rent the Runway" was one of the first big clothing rental sites. But it was traditionally for more expensive items. You know, evening gowns, that sort of stuff. Well, now there are so many out there on the market. Let's take a brief look at a few of them.

Starting again with "Rent the Runway." It's $159 a month with four pieces in the rotation. Full figured? Check out Gwynnie Bee. It offers $69 a month for two items. The first trial month is free. New York & Company Closet is $50 for three styles at a time. And then there is one called Rainey's Closet which offers fancy dresses for little girls starting at $30, as well as maternity clothing for women.

Kids offering strike you as odd? Well, consider this. Let's say your daughter has a school event and needs something nice. Or your young son needs a suit. A suit for a one-time event can be extravagant. I know my daughter is a tomboy, hates dresses and fancy shoes. Had I known about this earlier, I would rent those ballet flats that she only wears once.