Close call with Cobb County buses caught on camera

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The Cobb County School District is investigating a case involving a caravan of school buses turning onto a street as a mother and her child attempted to go across a marked crosswalk, FOX 5 has learned.

The school buses were making a left turn on South Cobb Drive when this happened Monday afternoon, according to Mike Shannon, who captured the scene on dash cam.

“She hesitated a little bit and the buses were coming out,” Shannon said. “...It would not have been as bad if it was just her but it was with her young son. It’s a shame."

It isn't clear from the video what signal was on the pedestrian control device, or, at what point it changed.

FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell followed up with Cobb County Schools about the incident. A school spokesperson says the issue is under internal investigation, and the district will take appropriate action pending the outcome.

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