Clark Atlanta students complain of lack of keys

Several Clark Atlanta University students staying at one of the school's residence halls say their either don't have keys or don't have working keys to open and lock their doors.

The school says there was an error with their key distribution system but since then, school leaders say every affected student has been issued a new key. Several students told FOX5 Wednesday they don't have keys and have struggled with them since August.

"I don’t have one at all. Didn’t receive one yet," one student named Naseem said.

Naseem is one of several Clark Atlanta students who say they don't have a means of locking up their dorm room.

"I've been here since August, didn’t get a key had to leave my door open every day to get back in, and I don’t feel safe doing that," he said.

"The keys he was issued did not work to the door. The RA said they'd put in a work order that following Monday. Almost two months out, and he still has not had a key," a woman, who asked FOX 5 only identify her as Nichole, said of her son's situation. 

"I let my son advocate for himself, and the answers he was giving me I just didn’t think it was true until I reached out to housing and was told the same thing," she said.

Many say they've had to wait for an RA to open their doors if they choose to lock them or stay with a friend.

Others keep their doors unlocked and hope for the best.

"He’s enjoying his college career it’s just a bummer," Nichole said. "The break-in was the final straw."

She says her son reported his PlayStation stolen, likely because he's left his door open to have access to the room in between classes

"Some of them have keys to the suite, some have keys to rooms so either you’re locked out or all the way out," she said.

Nichole says she asked to make a copy of the RA's keys and the school told her no. 

FOX 5 Alex Whittler reached out to the school Tuesday. Wednesday evening CAU sent a statement saying all affected students have new keys. 

Over the phone, a representative said those students should've received an email with key pickup information. FOX 5 asked when that went out to students and the school system did not immediately respond.