City of Tucker pools to reopen Memorial Day weekend with social distancing

Blue markings and orange cones mark a new Memorial Day weekend experience at Kelley Cofer Park pool in Dekalb County.

“Almost all day long we get phone calls, emails asking if it’s gonna be open," the City of Tucker Parks and Recreation's Operation Manager Jason Collins explained.

He said on Thursday health officials finally gave the city the go-ahead to reopen their two public pools Thursday.

"I think people are ready to get out and do things," Collins mentioned.

But if that thing is to take a dive here, you still need to social distance.

Swimmers must register for a specific two-and-a-half-hour time period each day. Their deck chairs will be spaced out at least six feet apart.

It'll be two chairs per section.

"The idea is to allow a family, you know, say a family of four, or, you know, even five, to be able to come to the pool. They can sit together. It's about 800 square feet. It's a 10 by 10," Collins detailed.

Between each section are lines dividing every group.

"They can't cross that area, they can't sit in that area," Collins told us.

The city also installed two sneeze guards.

"We are asking people to wear a mask if they're off the pool deck. We're encouraging it. It's not a requirement," Collins said.

A lot of public pools in our area are not reopening including those in Cobb County and Troup County.

However, the City of Milton’s is re-opening its pool with more intense cleaning.

Tucker staff said their pools are open to everyone - not just Dekalb County residents.

“As long as people are keeping their distance, I think it's great, "Tucker resident Craig Johnson said.

He told us he's tempted to bring his family for the first time.

He said the neighborhood pool they use is currently closed.

"We've been, you know, crossing our fingers hoping that they would open up because we're ready to go," Johnson mentioned.

As for the staff at Tucker's two pools, they told us they are limiting the number of guests each day, planning to constantly sanitize the property, and encourage everyone to make reservations.

The pools are opening Saturday at 11 a.m.