Caught on cam: burglars break into Ellenwood home

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A DeKalb County homeowner told FOX 5 News her sense of security is gone after three burglars broke into her home in the Misty Lake neighborhood in DeKalb County.

"This is my home, but it's not my home anymore," the homeowner said.

The homeowner too terrified to share her name said she got an alert from her security company Saturday afternoon.

"I immediately went on the app and saw movement in the foyer," the homeowner said. "I told them no one was supposed to be there. I was at work. So I had them call the police and I did as well."

The homeowner said she immediately left work, but once she arrived at her home the damage had already been done.

"The alarm was going off and my door was open," the homeowner said. "They busted in my back patio door and took my laptop, two televisions, money, and jewelry."

But the homeowner said the material items can be replaced it's her shattered sense of security that cannot.

"This has been extremely emotional," the homeowner said. "My sense of security is gone. I've considered selling my house."

Surveillance cameras captured the suspects removing the items from the home.

According to the DeKalb County Police report, the driver of silver Mazda CX5 served as the getaway car for the three suspects.

The case remains under investigation.