Cartersville woman who told police she was trying to help friend facing charge for theft from Kroger

A Cartersville grocery store supervisor is out of jail after her arrest for allegedly stealing from the Kroger she worked at. While the spirit of generosity is part of the holiday season, Cartersville police said 27-year-old Paris Merritt, a supervisor in customer service at the Marketplace Kroger generous in handing out items she never purchased.

“The report indicates a theft and possibly involving returned items,” said Captain Mike Bettikofer.

The police report had a long list of stolen cash and merchandise including household and consumable goods like coconut cream, taco sauce, a Starbucks travel mug, Benadryl and more. Police said it amounted to more than thirteen hundred dollars pilfered by Merritt at various times from November through December. The report also said Merritt told the arresting officer on December 5 that she was trying to help a friend of her mother, Ms. Megan, who had fallen on hard times.

“Even though other motives might be involved it’s still a theft. She has been charged accordingly,” said Captain Bettikofer.

A woman who said she was Merritt’s mother, didn’t want to talk when FOX 5 News stopped by Merritt’s home in Cartersville.

Mitch Amisano, a neighbor, saw it this way. “You know I think for the most part people always want to try to help and I think most people have a good intention they’re just not smart about how they get there,” said Amisano.

In a statement, Kroger wrote, ‘We would like to thank local law enforcement for their assistance. We cannot comment further as this is an ongoing investigation.”

Shopper Carla Fowler believes there are plenty of resources in Cartersville to help people who have fallen on hard times including Merritt.

“My impression would be there’s lots of different places she could go to help for her friend.  My hope the best for her. I’ll pray for her and hopefully, the friend will find the help she needs also,” said Fowler.

Cartersville police said Merritt is out of jail as of Friday evening on a $5,000 bond on a charge of theft by conversion.