Cars, furniture seized from home after reported deadly home invasion

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It started with the sound of breaking glass during a reported home invasion and ended with deadly shots being fired, police in South Fulton said.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Friday on Valley Brook Lane. South Fulton Police made it sound like a case of self-dense early Friday morning, but FOX 5 News has since seen unusual activity linked to the investigation.

Officers were seen towing the homeowner's cars away, a Porsche and two BMWs, and seizing other property as well. That property included big-screen TVs, furniture such as an ornate end table and a very large coffee table.

Police would only say the investigation is on-going when asked why officers were seizing those items.

Investigators said the homeowner confronted a man who he claimed broke the glass downstairs and gained entry to the home. Police said the resident opened fire and killed the intruder. The name of the intruder has not been released.

It was not clear if the intruder also fired a round.

Police said they are not searching for anyone else related to the case.

The name of the homeowner, who police said suffered minor injuries during the scuffle, has not been released.