Cars are worst product category reviewed for privacy, study shows

Losing our privacy through computers, apps, and social media doesn’t surprise us. We’ve talked about it for a long time now. But a new bit of research shows your car might be the biggest offender of all. Your car or truck is being called a "privacy nightmare."

Mozilla’s "Privacy Not Included" group takes deep-dive looks into all of those things that connect to the internet, like toys, gadgets, home products, and now vehicles. 

Here’s the headline: "Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy." Part of the allure of a new, modern-day car is that it’s a rolling computer. But according to this group, where that is advancing, the privacy safety nets that should go with it are not. 

"Privacy Not Included" looked at 25 car brands. And here’s what they found: All 25 collect more private information than is necessary. This group writes car companies collect data on medical and genetic information, your sex life, how fast you drive, where you go, and your taste in music.

Eighty-four percent sell your data; 56 percent share with the government, like the police, if asked. Only two brands, owned by the same company and not generally driven in the US, say you can delete your private data from their system, per the study. 

And get this: According to "Privacy Not Included," dating apps and sex toys publish more about privacy rights than vehicles do. 

To learn what your vehicle collects, go to the study, find your vehicle, and search the ways to limit data collection.