Car thieves target gym patrons

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Thieves targeted people working out at a Buckhead gym.  While women were focused on their fitness, crooks were stealing their cars. 

Miranda Sook and Mayson Hulsey were working out at LA Fitness at 3535 Peachtree Road Tuesday afternoon when police say someone swiped their keys from their lockers. 

"Just finished our workout and realized someone stole our keys," said Hulsey. 

The two friends checked the parking lot and Hulsey's Nissan Xterra was gone.  She believes the crooks just went through the parking lot pressing her key fob until they heard a beep and knew which car was hers.  

Sook's car was still in the lot. 

"Luckily they didn't get into my car, I  guess they weren't able to find it because my beeper to my car doesn't work," said Sook.

Atlanta Police say less than two hours later, a Jeep Rubicon was stolen from the same parking lot.  Police say it was the same situation, the owner of the Jeep was working out, her keys were taken from her locker.  

Hulsey's boyfriend, Louie Northern who owns the Xterra that was stolen, says he can understand how crooks were able to pull off this heist. 

"I walked in the gym, there was no one at the front desk, I was able to walk all the way to the back locker room looking for a manager," said Northern.

Fox 5 talked to the manager at LA Fitness.  She said since the thefts they've added more security.  She also said everyone who uses the gym is told to secure their lockers.  Sook and Hulsey say they did not have locks, but the owner of the Jeep says she did use a lock. 

They're all frustrated and angry that crooks were able to slip in so smoothly and drive off in their vehicles. 

"I think this was certainly planned and I doubt we'll ever see the vehicles again," said Norhtern.