Car crash victim reunites with 'guardian angel' who rushed to his aid

On average, Georgia sees four car crash fatalities a day, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. One driver said he was almost a part of that statistic, getting into a serious accident last week, but credited the heroic actions of two complete strangers for helping him escape death.

In a tearful reunion Monday, Charlie Reyes got the chance to shake the hand of one of the first people at the crash scene.

”Thank you so much for coming to my rescue," Reyes said, from a recliner with his leg propped up due to two surgeries.

Police reports revealed Reyes was driving south on Castleberry Road in Forsyth County, when another car "failed to yield when it turned left." Both trucks then collided head-on.

"I screamed for help as loud as I could, and not even ten seconds later, I fell down and two people came out of nowhere," Reyes said.

He called them his "guardian angels." Reyes tearfully thanked one of them Monday: Andrea Childress, a mother of three boys.

They recalled what happened last Wednesday, laughing, crying and hugging.

"I heard someone saying, 'Hold his neck,' and you were just reassuring me everything was going to be okay," Reyes recalled.

Childress remained humble.

"Anybody would do what I did," she said. "Anyone would do that. Who would not?"

Reyes remained grateful.

"I guess this is a second life for me, and I'm grateful to be alive," Reyes smiled, with a tear rolling down his cheek.