Campaign workers say they were falsely accused of stealing opponents signs

Two campaign workers said a Clayton County commissioner falsely accused them of stealing his campaign signs.

Three Riverdale police officers, one who had a gun drawn, pulled over an SUV and trailer adorned with signs that read "Vote Janice Scott." The police chief said they were responding to a report of a stolen car, not stolen signs. 

One campaign worker said the officer with the gun pointed it in the drivers face, and demanded they both put their hands up. The chief said once the officers spoke with those inside and realized the SUV was not stolen, officers deescalated immediately.

Officers let the two campaign workers go, saying there was no evidence of any misdemeanor or felony crimes.

Clayton County District 4 Commissioner DeMont David responded to the accusations in a statement reading in party:

"I saw two guys stealing my campaign signs Sunday near Riverdale Middle School, but it was over before I could take a picture. I did not call 911. I contacted a Clayton County police officer to report it. That’s who reported it to dispatch."