Business owner gives employees extra cash to pay it forward

A Oregon business is giving its employees an extra $30 a paycheck, with the hope they'll spend it generously. 

John Chap has worked at Pip's Original Doughnuts and Chai in northeast Portland for some time now, but for the last few months he and 13 other employees have been part of a new program. It was cooked up by the boss and is called the "Freedom to Give Initiative." 

"Generosity is the gift that we can all afford to give," said Nate Snell. 

Snell is the one signing the paychecks and hopes the extra $30 for every employee, every pay day, will encourage his workers to give, without strapping them financially. 

Snell said he leaves it up to his employees to choose how to spend the extra cash. 

"That's why we call it the freedom. It allows them to look for opportunities and be able to recognize opportunities to help others without being forced to do something specific."

"This gentleman approached me and I was like 'man I got to go.' It was right after Nate had started this program. And I asked, 'what do you need?' He said 'I just need something hot to eat,' and I said 'ok that's cool. I gotcha,'" said Chap. 

Chap said everyone he's told about the initiative has been blown away.