Burglars attempt to strike Atlanta pharmacy for sixth time

Burglars return to an Atlanta pharmacy that has been hit five times in the year and a half it’s been open.

Atlanta Police said Monday at 3:15 a.m., burglars returned again. Investigators said the thieves threw a brick and shattered a glass window, but could not get in Trinity Pharmacy Ii on Princeton Lake Way in southwest Atlanta. Burglar bars, Plexiglas and a security alarm system kept the crooks from wiping out the shelves of prescription drugs.

“We are tired, we are not afraid, and it is timeout for this foolishness,” said Technician Tameka Robinson Rogers.

The pharmacy has been burglarized five times during the year and a half it has been open. It was hit twice in one week last month. Surveillance video shows the hooded thieves stealing the narcotic safe during past heists. The owner has invested thousands in security measures. Atlanta police are working the cases, but have made no arrests.

Many of the windows are now covered with plywood and burglar bars making the environment mentioned unwelcoming for employees and patients.

“We are walking around here, it is sad to say, but this feels more like the Fulton county jail. Everywhere we look we are seeing boarded windows or chain windows,” Robinson Rogers laments.

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