Burglar targets Roswell restaurant twice, steals $13k worth of food

A Roswell steakhouse is reeling after a thief stole thousands of dollars worth of food.

Surveillance footage captured the criminal breaking into the outdoor freezer at Uncle Jack's on Canton Street and taking $3,000 worth of food.

The restaurant's owner said the burglar broke early Thursday morning, but this wasn’t his first time going after them.

"He was able to come in and out three times before leaving in five minutes," General Manager Eddie Elrod explained. 

After breaking into the freezer Valentine's Day morning, the suspect returned three days later on Thursday morning.

Roswell Police said they believe it's the same person.

"It was very easy for him the first time," Owner Willie Degel said. "That's why." 

Elrod went on to say that "he was able to work his way through this lock here, and then he went all the way to the back.

Management said he went to the back of the freezer and snatched up 13-thousand dollars worth of premium meats between both burglaries.

"He took our Fred Flintstone tomahawks, he took Hawaiian salmon and short rib as well," Elrod said as he showed us the inside of the freezer.

And if you're wondering what he's going to do with all of that product, well "he's selling it to another restaurant - has to be," Degel described.

Management said they've never seen the guy before but are working with investigators to determine if this was an inside job.

Surveillance images of the suspect connected to the robbery of Uncle Jack's on Canton Street. (Roswell Police Department)

The restaurant is one of four Uncle Jack's in the area, so they've been able to pull some products from those locations. However, management says it still doesn't make up for this massive financial blow.

"We've had to be very open and honest with our guests, and we had to reduce our menu some. We had to reduce our times down," Elrod said. 

The owner said you'll get a dinner for two, once a month for the next year if you help find the thief. 

Roswell Police continue to investigate.