Burglar caught on camera breaking into Dunwoody apartment

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Home surveillance cameras outside a Dunwoody home caught a burglary suspect breaking in during the middle of the day.

The homeowner said the thief stole thousands of dollars’ worth of items in broad daylight and was just minutes from coming face-to-face with him.

Words escape Chris Roderique as he watched the video of a suspected burglar breaking into his apartment at the two blocks apartment homes on Dunwoody Park around noon Monday.

The man can be seen on the video casing out the apartment, peering in, and even making sure the coast is clear. All this while seemingly being unaware of the camera trained on him from above. When he thinks he's good to go, he jumps the balcony.

Once over the balcony, Roderique said the man threw a rock through the window. Once it cracked, the suspected burglar coughs to mask a kick, and then he reached under, popped the door, and in he goes.

Once in, Roderqiue said the burglar grabbed three gaming systems, a Bluetooth speaker, 2 iPads, 2 laptops, and jewelry. He and his fiancée are still finding things missing.

To make matters worse, Roderique said this burglar used his camping backpacks stolen from his closet to haul the items out.