Burgers with Buck: Kimpton Overland Hotel

It’s Masters week: A time to cue up that eternal debate, no not who will slip on the green jacket on Sunday, but something people are much more passionate about . . .egg salad or pimento cheese?

To clarify, #BurgersWithBuck endorses both of the delicious Augusta National Golf Club staples. And the reason is it perfectly acceptable for #BWB to endorse to uniquely different meatless sandwiches . . . they don’t serve a burger on the course during The Masters.

Chef Chris Schaefer from Kimpton Overland Hotel in Hapeville saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine a couple of his passions, and you can be the beneficiary, albeit for just a short time. Chef Schaefer loves watching golf, and he enjoys a really good burger, and that is the inspiration behind the Master Burger, which is only available from 4/11-4/14.

The Masters Tournament is a major, and finishing the Master Burger is a major accomplishment.

Like all great burgers, it begins with a high quality patty. The Master Burger is built around an eight-ounce blend that is 50 percent short rib and 50 percent NY Strip. The healthy portion of pimento cheese on top of the patty is not exactly like your mom used to make it, but house made and delicious. The Master Burger is topped with bacon, lettuce, thinly shaved tomato, onion, and pickle. All of that sits in the middle of a brioche bun. 

Can I get an Amen (Corner)?

It’s really big, and it’s really good, and it will really be gone before you know it, so hurry up and take advantage. You can get it at Apron Restaurant or at The Rooftop at Overland, but only until Sunday (April 14).

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