Bullying concerns at school in Fairfax County after boy suffers multiple concussions

A Northern Virginia mom is calling on Fairfax County Public Schools to crackdown on bullying after she claims another student bullied her child so much he ended up in the hospital.

Cara Murnan says her six-year-old son Mason has suffered three concussions in 35 days. All of them happening at an elementary school in Great Falls — on the playground — inflicted by she says the same relentless bully.

Murnan says it started back in October when Mason came home with a black eye. The school said he ran into a chain-linked fence at recess, but when asked, Mason later revealed a boy at school had shoved him into a metal pole.

Mason, who has autism and epilepsy, began seizing and was later rushed to the emergency room.

After following up with their pediatrician, Mason's parents went to the school and gave the principal a written doctor's note saying Mason had a concussion and could not take part in recess or P.E.

Yet the following day, he was allowed to go to recess. That's when he was shoved again by the same bully, hitting his head on the ground.

Days later, Mason suffered a third concussion. Murnan says her son is now terrified to go to school. 

Murnan tells us that after FOX 5 contacted the school district, she received a call from the school superintendent who said they will allow Mason to transfer schools.

She now wants to shine a light on bullying and the emotional pain it causes.