Buckhead sneaker sale ends in a stick-up

Police said too often a private sale turns into an armed robbery.

It happened again Tuesday in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.

Investigators said an 18-year-old went on a shopping site and offered designer shoes for sale. He found a buyer, or so he thought and agreed to meet him at a very busy shopping plaza in the heart of Buckhead. The price he set was $400.

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A photo released of the shoes stolen during the transaction.

But in the middle of the day, the fake buyer showed him a gun and told him to give up his shoes.

The thief grabbed the shoes and ran out of the parking lot likely to a getaway car, according to police.

"We don't want anyone to get killed over a pair of sneakers," said officer Steve Avery.

There is something private buyers and sellers can do that may give them a margin of safety. The officer recommends telling the proposed buyer or seller to meet at one of the police precincts.

If the individual balks at the idea, then sellers or buyers should be warned the transaction could be a problem.

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