Buckhead residents say street repair was left unfinished a year ago

Buckhead neighbors and merchants say one busy Atlanta roadway was never fully repaired after emergency crews were forced to cut into it to get to a water main last year.

The 7-feet-long rectangular section which spans across two lanes of East Paces Ferry Road has been left unpaved ever since.

"It looks like [Atlanta Watershed Management] did an emergency repair," said Josh Rowan, MARTA's former deputy general manager. He took a look at the roadwork at the request of FOX 5.

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Neighbors say a piece of East Paces Ferry Road has been left unrepaired since 2022.

"This would mess a rim. It can mess up a car, for sure," said one driver from behind the wheel of a Mercedes SUV.

Rowan expressed some surprise at statements from neighbors that the road had been left without paving since 2022.

"The question is, might there be another problem with a leak below the surface?" Rowan speculated. "That could explain why the job has not been finished."

FOX 5 asked the water department for comment.

A spokesperson said there were no additional below-the-surface issues to be corrected, and promised a paving crew would be dispatched late Tuesday to finish repairing the roadway.