Brief gas outage resolved in north Georgia

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Spotty outages created lots of headaches Friday for motorists who found themselves at empty gas pumps, but officials believe the issues have been resolved. 

In a statement released Saturday morning, "We are delivering gasoline all day today and tomorrow into the Atlanta area. We very much appreciate the cooperation and understanding of QT and our other customers. Maintaining our lines is critical to keeping deliveries safe and ensuring the long term reliability of Colonial," said Steve Baker. 


The gasoline shipments come from Colonial Pipeline which said in a statement, "We just finished more significant maintenance than usual. Maintenance is over, we are headed back to normal."

A spokesman from QT said about a dozen QT gas stations in metro Atlanta were without gas, in particular premium.

"Premium product is the one that's running short and when people who normally buy premium if it's not available, obviously the go buy the mid-grade or the other grade and it just kind of snow balls a little bit," said Mike Thornbrugh.



Another Lawrenceville QT, on Highway 120 about a mile and a half away, also ran out of gas Friday. Around 6:30 in the evening, the pumps were put back in service after a tanker arrived to fill up the station tanks.

"I got five or six jobs all together tonight. And you'll be done by what time? It'll be late in the morning," said tanker driver Brian Walker who works for Mansfield Oil Corp.

The spokesman from QT told FOX 5 News gasoline service at QT stores should be back to normal by sometime Saturday morning.

A spokesman from the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores which represents QT and other stores with sell gas throughout Metro Atlanta said she checked with members to determine how many stations ran out of fuel.

She said it appears only QT stations, about a dozen were affected. She said to that's a very small percentage of the more than thousand stations in Metro Atlanta.