Book now for fall to grab existing airfare deals

It seems like the whole world is flying this summer, and the prices bear that out. It's so expensive to fly right now, but a price break may be ahead. 

Summer travel costs always spike, but this year it just felt like getting a flight was a real wallet squeezer. In Georgia, many schools have a fall break that we can use as family travel time. And travel experts are saying to start taking a look at possible destinations now in order to lock in some fall deals. It's also so helpful that we are an international hub, and that we can travel to Birmingham to catch a prime deal.

Let's look at what we are talking about. A roundtrip, late-morning flight on Delta Air Lines to New York City on July 19, returning that Sunday costs $223 on Friday, June 23. Let's look toward Fall Break in October. That same late-morning flight is $193. For a family of four, that's a savings of $120.

Here's Cancun in July - $860 a ticket. Fall break, if you booked now, would be $385. Big difference. 

And finally, a flight to Orlando on Delta. The same time and same return date as the other trips is $258 right now. Fall break, if you buy now, is $178.

Here's a list of a few good apps and blogs to follow for the latest on airfare. Hopper: You can put in the flight dates, and it'll tell you whether to hold off or purchase now. Going: Used to be called Scott's Cheap Flights. It has great pop-up deals for flights everywhere in the world. Credit cards: See if one of your cards offers special flight deals.

The point is if you are planning to travel after the summer, start looking now. The deals are there and may not last as you get closer to Fall. And don't forget to check out other air carriers and discount airliners like Southwest, JetBlue, Frontier, and Spirit.