Bone marrow drive for Atlanta mom and veteran

Volunteers are coming together in several locations across metro Atlanta Sunday to help people in need of bone marrow transplants.

The effort comes on behalf of a 35-year-old mother of two and U.S. Navy veteran who is battling leukemia.

Julie Jung is in need of a transplant but is having trouble finding a matching donor.

There's a shortage of donors of Asian ancestry.

"A bone marrow transplant replaces the patient's marrow with the “matching” marrow of a healthy donor. Unfortunately, matches usually come from someone’s own ethnic group and the current pool of donors is mostly composed of European descendants," the donation campaign's website said. "We desperately need the Korean community’s help."

Finding those donors is the goal of a bone marrow drive at a number of area churches today.

For more information about the effort and to find locations to donate, check out the drive's website.

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