Bond hearing for teen accused of brutal murder of grandmother

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An 18-year-old accused of killing a grandmother and stuffing her in the trunk of her car went before a judge Wednesday.

Prosecutors have accused Jared Kemp and his girlfriend, De'asia Ra'meke Page, both 18, of that brutal murder last year.

Fulton County Police said the victim was merely trying to do a good deed to help the girlfriend. Police said Da'Asia Page was homeless at the time and asked the victim Toni Abad for a ride home. Abad, not knowing she was being set up, did agree to help her out.

In court Wednesday a Fulton County Police detective testified that Jared Kemp beat the grandmother of five in the head with a bat until she died. The detective said Kemp's girlfriend told investigators that she and Kemp planned to steal the woman's car.

According to the testimony, Page lured the grandmother to an area where her boyfriend was hiding out, but when they arrived, Abad saw the gun and began fighting with Page. That's when the detective said Kemp busted the window to the car.

"He hit her until she stopped moving. After she stopped, they put her in the trunk. She said it looked like alive but choking on blood. Kemp hit her more with a bat," the detective said.

According to investigators, Abad's body was found in the trunk of her own car parked behind the Waffle House at the intersection of Thompson Road and Highway 92.

The grandmother's son asked the judge not to give Kemp bond and talked about what a wonderful mother she was.

But Kemp's mother also testified and she asked the judge to give her son bond because he takes care of her and that he needs to move ahead with his life.

The Fulton County judge sided with the victim's family, keeping Kemp behind bars in the Fulton County Jail.

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