Body camera video shows police rescue 2-year-old child

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It's a moment of joy and relief. It was the moment a Carrollton K-9 officer spotted a missing toddler who had vanished from his family's home. The 2-year-old boy was missing for about 20 minutes when his mother called the police for help.

It was hot and humid Wednesday afternoon and Carrollton police knew every minute would count when it comes to finding Demarie Addison. Fortunately, it didn't take long for a K-9 officer, named Kilo, to track down the toddler who lives with Autism.

When Carrolton police couldn't find a missing child inside his mother's home, it didn't take long to realize he'd used a window to crawl out outside. That's when Officer Jason Sluder strapped up his partner, K-9 Kilo, to help with the search.

But moments after the K-9 picked up the scent from the sock, he led his colleagues to the toddler who appeared to be stuck in a ditch

Thursday, his mother said the only thing greater than her sense of relief is her sense of gratitude.

Aside from a few scratches from his journey in the woods behind his home, little Demarie Addison was just fine.

His mother said she removed the air conditioning unit from the window to avoid any future attempts to leave their Carrolton home.