Bizarre burglary ends with neighbor's arrest

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A Floyd County man walked into the middle of a break-in at his own home and was confronted by a man armed with a knife, police said.

Gary Sitten said he doesn’t know what to make of what happened inside his home off Rockmart Highway Wednesday afternoon. The 57-year-old Silver Creek man said he got home around 2:30 when he realized something was a little off.

Sitten said his bedroom door, the gun cabinet, and his spare bedroom were all opened. But he didn’t realize the burglar was still there just feet away from him.

Sitten said he came eye-to-eye with the burglar who was armed with a knife. The intruder tried to get around Sitten, even lunging at him with the knife. He eventually was able to get out the front door.

After the initial shock wore off, Sitten followed behind, losing him outside his home. That’s when he ran into his neighbor who walked out of the buses and offered to help.

Sitten said his neighbor was extremely helpful, calling 911 and asking him if he needed any water.

As it turns out, police said that neighbor, identified as 33-year-old Colby Lee Pope, is the very man who broke into the home.

Sitten said as he watched police put him in the squad car all he could do was stand there stunned at the turn of events.