Timber rattlesnake fight on Georgia trail caught on video

You've heard of a catfight, and a dogfight. But have you ever seen a rattlesnake fight? This video released by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources shows two snakes native to Georgia getting rowdy.

The Wildlife Resources Division posted it to their Facebook page on Saturday.

A wildlife technician with the DNR says he was walking the hunter access trails on Lanahassee Wildlife Management Area to make sure the paths were clear. He stopped and took out his phone when he saw these two timber rattlesnakes going at it.

What were they fighting over? Apparently, a female snake off to the side.

DNR says this species of rattlesnake is common in Georgia. But normally, they're not very interactive.

However, researchers say late summer to early fall is prime mating season for them. That could very well explain this macho display the wildlife technician ran into.

So, since these snakes are so common, you may be wondering what to do if you see one in the wild.

Well, the DNR urges people to refrain from handling the reptiles, and to keep as much distance as possible.

You wouldn't want to stand in the way of a male timber snake and his lady.