Basket is a money-saving grocery app

One of the brains behind WAZE, the real-time traffic app, has developed a new one, but for grocery shopping. It's an app called "Basket." 

The app creator says by using Basket you can save on average 28 percent weekly. In a year, that can be $1,500 in grocery savings.

Here's how it works. Download the app. Basket works with 100 chains. Pick out the ones where you will shop, or simply your favorites.

Start creating your grocery list. Let's say you need milk. You'll be asked what kind. Then hit 'compare.' You will see price ranges for that product. Pick your price and it'll show you where you can buy it. When I tried it told me Publix was where I needed to go for the best deal.

But what if your list has deals in a variety of spots. Well, I created a fuller grocery list and it shows - all items in my basket combined -  that my best price is at Walmart. But, Target is closer to me and not much more - a few pennies. So that's ultimately my best bet. You can even capture the bar code of a favorite product at home and see where that precise product is and at what price.

The app is free. You can also share your list with, say your husband, who says he can grab groceries on the way home. When you have a full basket - 20 - 30 items - that's when you'll see real savings. Now, admittedly, I had to fumble around a minute, but I think each time I use it, it will get easier to use and understand.

Again the data comes in real time from thousands of price checkers and from users who upload their receipts.