Atlanta woman says video shows Amazon driver stealing package

An Atlanta woman who was waiting for a delivery says she was shocked when she looked at her doorbell camera video.

Ashleigh Clark says she saw the driver put down the package, take a photo of it, and then pick it back up and walk away with it.

"You disappointed my son and disappointed us as a family and Amazon Prime members," Clark said. "It makes me question if I want to use their services again."

Clark said she was waiting on the package at her home Friday when she got the alert.

"I was at home and I got the Ring Doorbell notification that someone was at the front door," she said. "I was in the kitchen at the time and got the notification and I didn’t go check the front doorbell right away."

Clark said this happened Friday and she didn’t go to the door to greet the worker because her family was quarantining. She said she got the notification the package had been delivered but it slipped her mind to go get it.

It wasn’t until Tuesday she went back and checked the footage.

"It was clear as day on there and it blew my mind how brazen it was for her to drop the package, take the picture, mark it as delivered and I actually got the notification on the app. She then picks it up and walks away with it," she said.

Inside the package was a necessity for Clark's son who was gearing up to return to school.

"My son and I had been looking for a mask and lanyards for him to stay safe. He was excited for the mask and he even helped me pick it out," she said.

Clark reached out to Amazon and they gave her a refund for the items, but she says it’s more than that.

"I really don’t want that woman delivering packages to my house again and don’t believe she should be providing services through Amazon because unfortunately, she did steal."

Clark says she’s grateful for the footage or else she would have never known what happened.

"If she has the package I would love to have it back because I can’t reorder the same mask and lanyards because the seller is not providing them anymore," she said.

FOX 5 has reached out to Amazon officials and sent them the video. They say they are investigating the incident.

This family says what they really want is an apology from the employee.

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