3 men shot during music video filming in northwest Atlanta

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3 shot during Atlanta music video production

Three people were shot in northwest Atlanta. Police say the gunfire erupted during the shooting of a music video. The video was being produced right off Verbena Street.

Three people have been shot during the filming of a music video near a commercial strip in the area of Verbena Street in northwest Atlanta, according to Atlanta police.

It happened Tuesday evening at approximately 4:50 p.m.

A 24-year-old man was shot in the arm and a 27-year-old man was shot in the back. They were both rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Officers later discovered a 23-year-old man had been shot in the neck. He reportedly took himself to the hospital.

The trio of victims appeared to be alert, conscious and breathing.

"The people who were shot were not part of the video production team but there may have been individuals involved in the totality of the production," Major Ralph Woolfolk told FOX 5 Atlanta.

FOX 5 is working on learning more about the shooting. 

Multiple people on social media have suggested that Lil Baby was the artist shooting the music video. FOX 5 has not independently confirmed this detail, but a video posted by @SlappingTacosATL_, the Instagram account of a local taco shop, appeared to show the artist and his entourage pulling up to the same commercial strip hours prior to the shooting. The caption read, "Pull up we inside / @offthehookcrabs / 2179 Verbena / Atlanta,30314."

About an hour later, the taco shop posted that they were closed. A spokesperson for the shop commented, "These little hoodlums came and ruined my day! Lil baby was about to buy all the food." 

Three people were shot while a music video was being filmed on Verbena Street in Atlanta.

"I was on my way to deliver a burrito and they just came, boom boom boom! I thought, ‘Are you serious?’ It was crazy," said Chasity Roman of Slapping Tacos ATL. "I fell in between the bullets. It was nothing but bullets, pow pow pow! It was terrible."

When asked, Atlanta police said they could not confirm who the music video was for.

There has been no word yet of a suspect, motive or any arrests. The Aggravated Assault Unit is investigating.

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