Atlanta traffic is already painful: How about an extra toll to add to the misery?

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From the burbs to Buckhead. That's the typical commute for a lot of people. Now some city leaders want those who commute from the suburbs to pay a toll. 

Atlanta city leaders are considering a congestion tax. That means if you commute, it will cost you when you drive into Buckhead or Midtown. 

There's a poll on the Atlanta City Council Facebook page. It states "New York City is about to adopt a congestions plan, do you think Atlanta should have one?" Of the more than 440 people who weighed in, 67 percent said "Yes."

"I'm in favor of a congestion tax. The problem is, there's too small an area, everybody here drives," said Rob Campbell.

All those extra cars lead to wear and tear on the roads, a toll could help pay for road maintenance. A toll could also entice some to carpool, cutting down on traffic. But others said it's not fair to those who can't afford to live in Buckhead, but that's where their office. is located. 

"It would definitely cut down on the traffic I can imagine, but that would be another expense pay of course," said Carol Greaves. 

Kent Good lives in Tucker. He hopes they put the brakes on this idea before it's too late. 

"It's a terrible idea, it would kill the downtown," said Good.

Other cities like London, already have a congestion tax. New York City will be the first city in the county to have one.  As for whether Atlanta will be next, there are a lot of studies and discussions that will have to take place before this plan would even go before the city council.