Atlanta Solidarity Fund provides bail funds, other resources to arrested protesters

“All about that solidarity” is how one Atlanta activist described the group she works with.

The Atlanta Solidarity Fund provides support to people who are arrested at protests through bail funds, access to legal representation and more.

“A sinner sins in the dark, so do not blame the sinner. Blame the person who created the darkness,” said Miliaku, one of the members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

Miliaku says protesters’ actions are a response to a number of issues, including police brutality and racism.

“That’s the violence, and people responding to that violence is justice," she said. "That CNN sign was fixed in a dozen hours. We can’t get people’s lives back. Families cannot replace their family members.”

Miliaku asked us not to use her last name out of fear of retaliation. She claims the police have arrested some members of her organization while they handed out water bottles and snacks to protesters.

But despite any backlash the group has received, she says they are resilient and committed to the cause.

“It’s not just about being there for people when they get out. It’s showing up to court dates, helping people get lawyers, packing the courthouse with people," Miliaku said. "It’s really deep and long term.”

The mobile payment service Cash App announced on social media that it would donate $50,000 and match each donation to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund up to that same amount. Many people, not just in Atlanta, have also donated.

Miliaku says the monetary donations are appreciated, but there are more ways to help.

“I want people to think about the ways in which they can build healthy, meaningful relationships with people," she said. “How are you materially acting in the world and showing up for people in the world today?”