Atlanta Police Zone 1 major: Gun violence, theft biggest issues plaguing NW Atlanta

This week starts a series of stories aimed at addressing crime by neighborhood in Atlanta.

FOX 5's Alex Whittler sits down with each major who heads up an Atlanta Police precinct to talk about their zone's biggest problems and how to solve them.

The series starts in northwest Atlanta, in Zone 1, where the major there was born and raised. 

A walk with Atlanta Police Major Reginal Moorman through Frederick Douglas High proves this is home for him.

A fellow classmate turned APS employee didn't hesitate to greet his familiar face there, although he noted the school has changed quite a bit from Moorman's high school days.

"People used to talk about us because we didn't have a lot of windows," he said.

Major Moorman joined APD in 2001 and was elated to return "home" as a major in December 2021.He says that personal connection to what's happening here makes him accessible and relatable to neighbors.

"Being here and people can reach out and touch you, they know you care," he said.

Moorman says homelessness and metal health are difficult to address, but it is gun violence at convenience stores and businesses that pose the largest challenge.

He says the team works to recognize repeat offenders who might commit crimes because of their circumstances.

"We have a lot of people who steal from establishments and businesses," he explained. "When we come across people we try to come up with a cause of 'why are you committing these crimes?'"

The Citgo on MLK, Moorman says, is a special challenge. Just last week FOX 5 reported about calls to shut that gas station down because of there have been more than 100 calls for help there this year.

"There's an accessibility with gun violence. We've been working with federal agencies," he said. "When we have had gun violence issues, many have been prosecuted federally." 

Moorman says he thinks his team has made a difference this summer by focusing on keeping young people busy.

"Midnight basketball at CT Martin [court], we have the Police Athletic League Center and summer employment was really good too," he touted from the summer months.

The programs, he admits, only do so much. He says curbing crime requires community commitment.

"We do have conversations with the community and say 'here's the direction we're going and here's what we need from you,'" Moorman said.

FOX 5 reached out to the Citgo gas station on MLK for comment and did not get an immediate response.

For the next several weeks FOX5 will touch on each of Atlanta's six zones to discuss the biggest challenges. If there is a specific issue you'd like us to ask police about, feel free to send Alex Whittler a tip on social media or via email at