Atlanta Police work to quell recent carjacking trend

Atlanta Police said they are looking at ways to combat recent carjackings in the city.

Paul Sullivan spoke to FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell Tuesday about an incident that happened earlier in the week. Sullivan said he was sitting in his car on Francis Street when he was ambushed. He said he was sitting in his car mourning the recent loss of his father when he came face-to-face with two armed men,

Sullivan said he initially complied with the bandits, but then irrationally when after the thieves.

“That's when he shot at me. Now, most people would not have charged at somebody with a gun. It's just my upbringing...when I saw his eyes I saw savage,” Sullivan said.

“When someone is armed you don't know their state of mind or what they are after if they want your car give it to them,” said Carlos Campos, Atlanta Police Department.

Campos urge people to comply in those situations.

As for Sullivan, it all ended with the duo taking off in his silver Infiniti.

APD said there was another carjacking the same morning just a few miles away on Montgomery Ferry Road.

“Some of these guys are jumping out of bushes,” said Campos.

Tuesday, investigators said armed thieves carjacked someone outside the Ansley Park Mall.

They're looking into whether the crimes are connected.

“Anytime someone has a gun pointed in their face it is very troubling...A step away from a more serious crime,” said Campos.

“You cannot handle something when a gun is on your head your stuck in a trap,” said Sullivan.

APD said they are evaluating if they need to move personnel from other units to help combat the recent crimes.