Atlanta Police trying new tactic to combat slider crimes and car thefts at gas stations

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Slider crimes and car thefts make the news all too often. Atlanta Police are taking extra steps to fight these crimes, and they don't want to do it alone. 

Customers outside the QuikTrip on Sydney Marcus Boulevard in Buckhead said slider crimes and car thefts are out of control. Thursday morning around 10 a.m., a woman was getting gas here, she had her keys in her hand when she said a man ran up from behind her, snatched her keys, jumped in her car and took off. 

"We're trying to work with everybody we can to cut down on these crimes," said Atlanta Police Sgt. John Chafee. 

Atlanta Police have been studying the crime trends and adding marked units and undercover officers at the hardest hit locations. Now they're trying to enlist the help of the businesses. Police said they've contacted the national chains and are encouraging them to add security and invest in quality camera systems. 

"We're urging them to invest in security cameras that can be wired into our security camera system, so we can view them, see what's going on there, and help monitor security at those gas stations as well," said Sgt. Chafee. 

A spokesman from QuikTrip told FOX 5's Denise Dillon "All QuikTrips are monitored by QuikTrip 24 hours a day at our headquarters. Law Enforcement know the quality of surveillance equipment and we supply them with everything they need to assist in investigations."

Customers said it's going to take everyone working together. 

"I think as a business you have a certain responsibility to ensure security, but short of having the National Guard waiting at the gas pumps, nothing is going to be a hundred percent," said Dave Parkerson who lives in Buckhead.