Atlanta police surprise 5-year-old birthday boy with visit from Spiderman

Photo: Atlanta Police Department

To a boy who looks up to superheroes like Spiderman, a visit from officers with the Atlanta Police Department may seem pretty special.

APD squad cars surprised a local 5-year-old with sirens, lights, music and gifts. 

Photos showed the boy, Adam, dressed as Spiderman. He was outside in a driveway where Spiderman showed him balloons, signs and gifts.

The Cuenca family reached out to APD to assist them with surprising their son for his birthday. 

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They left a heartfelt message for APD officers:

"We all know the challenges that this pandemic has brought upon us. It has taken lives, homes, jobs and has hindered our abilities to get together for celebrations. And as a parent myself, it would've devastated me to see my son not be excited on his birthday.

"However, you and your team relieved me from that feeling when you pulled up — with lights, sirens, music and gifts — to celebrate my son's birthday in the most fantastic and creative way possible.

"In the Oxford dictionary, a Hero is "a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." And you all are every single one of those things, and more. At one moment you're responding to a life-threatening emergency. The next, you're keeping the peace during the craziness of the NBA all stars game. And in between, you still made the time to buy gifts and balloons and save a 5-year-old's birthday.We are eternally grateful for what you did, and what you continue to do every day. Thank you for being the true Heroes of society."

The message was signed by the Cuenca Family. 

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