Atlanta police searching for man accused of kidnapping and robbing women

Atlanta police are searching for a man who reportedly kidnapped and robbed two women. They released video with hopes of identifying the man who is linked to the crimes.

The first incident happened on Piedmont Road, near Lindbergh Way.

A woman told police she got back into her car after leaving the hair salon when a man got into the passenger's side of her car. 

According to a police report, he threatened to shoot her if she screamed. The man then told her to drive to an ATM and withdraw $600. 

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The woman handed the man an extra $100 and asked him not to hurt her. According to the woman, the man then told her his name was Robert and he needed the money to feed his son because he lost his job.

He told her to drop him off at a gas station.

Two days later, a woman came into the APD Zone 2 precinct and told police a similar story.

She said she got into her car after pumping gas on Sidney Marcus Boulevard and heard a man's voice coming from the back of the car.

The man told her to drive to an ATM and take out $800 and he also took out $200 from her purse.

He then told her to drop him off.

Not only did the incidents play out in similar ways, Lt. Damien Crowder said there were other similarities that helped link the two.

"The time frame in which both of these occurred. Along with the clothing and physical descriptions," Lt. Crowder said. 

None of the victims were hurt.

Lt. Crowder said while he doesn't believe there are other victims, it's always a possibility.

He encourages anyone who has experienced something similar to come forward and let the police know.

Please call Crime Stoppers if you have any information on who this man is.

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