Atlanta Police release surveillance of serial burglars

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Police want the public's help in identifying a pair of burglars they believe may be responsible for as many as 15 break-ins over the last several months.

Atlanta Police released surveillance images Wednesday from the burglars' most recent crime--a daytime break-in at an apartment complex inside Atlantic Station.  It shows them driving into the parking garage in a dark blue, newer model Honda CR-V with temporary tags. 

Officer Andrew Moline said the pair have primarily hit victims near the 17th Street area, including Atlantic Station.  He said they first came across his radar for a crime in February and since then, their tactics have remained largely the same. 

"They enter the complex through a door that's either broken and not locking or a tenant will leave the building," Officer Moline explained.  "They'll sneak into the building and gain access to the apartments.  Once they get inside, it's difficult to say what they're doing to choose the apartments, but once they choose an apartment, they generally bypass the lock by drilling the door and disabling the dead bolt and then easily pushing the door open or kicking the door open."

Moline said the crooks usually get in and out quickly by taking items in easy reach. 

"Primarily laptops and items that are kept near the door--like if you happen to leave an extra cell phone next to the door or your laptop next to the door or your wallet or something like that--just small things that easily can be grabbed and be made profitable," said Officer Moline.

Investigators ask anyone who recognizes the couple or their vehicle to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS.

"We're building a very promising case, but whatever anybody can do to help is the best," Moline said.