Atlanta police bust narcotics business conducted out of middle-income apartments, police say

Atlanta police crushed a narcotics business that was being conducted from an apartment building where the rent starts at $1,600 a month. 

Over several weeks, officers observed and made "buys" from one apartment in the southwest Atlanta complex off of Metropolitan Parkway. 

With a warrant, the officers went into the apartment with overwhelming numbers and carried heavy firepower. 

They did not have to use any of it. The occupants, who had weapons, surrendered. 

Inside police found a mini pharmacy stash of commonly sold potent narcotics. 

In addition, they confiscated marijuana, nearly $8,000 in cash, a rifle and four handguns. 

Interim Chief Darin Schierbaum noted the gun seizure when he briefed Atlanta City Council members about the operation. 

He said wherever there is a lucrative drug business going on, someone will come in and try to rob the dealers and that could lead to violence hurting families at the complex. 

Charged in the case are two adults — Terrell Cobb and Adderly banks. Police also took two teenagers to jail — Antavious Boswell and Syeed Cobb.