Atlanta non-profit takes action to prevent evictions caused by pandemic

Atlanta non-profit Star-C has introduced the Eviction Relief Fund to assist people living in affordable housing.

"That means we can work with properties that have a maximum rent of $1,600," Star-C's Executive Director Audrea Rease explained.

"It could be from people  who are considered essential works includes grocery workers, firefighters, medical personnel.

"Focusing on the metro Atlanta community, Rease said they're partnering with apartment landlords to help households.

The non-profit will pay about 40 percent of the tenant's rent.

They'll then urge the landlord to waive late fees and other penalties.

"It's really important for landlords to sign up for the program because they are the ones that can start or stop an eviction," she detailed.

Even in communities where evictions are temporarily suspened, Rease said your rent is still due.

"That will go away. Depending on who your landlord is, they may be ready to file right at that point.

If a tenant out there is not paying right now, their balance is just increasing," She told Reporter Brian Hill.

Rease said they will start providing resources to families very soon.

The organization is also hoping to raise $50,000 to expand their services.

Rease said the orgization "realize that atlanta has always had, unfortunately, a notorious reputation for evictions.

"If you would like to help in their efforts, click here.