Atlanta looks to expand police powers to fight street racing

Over the weekend, police in Atlanta made dozens of traffic stops in an effort to crackdown on racing and illegal vehicles on the street.

But that report from the Atlanta chief is beginning to sound like a broken record.

The behavior of these drivers is not changing. It is getting worse, according to Felicia Moore who leads the city council.

"You can have three or four groups who may not be connected, and they can be racing at the same time," said Moore. "And then the calls are made to the 911 center -- ten calls, then twenty, and the center becomes inundated with calls."

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The council president said police are sent to locate the drivers. She is concerned callers who need help could be left in the call line up because so many citizens are reporting the activity.

Moore said since the drivers refuse to cooperate and stop their activity, she and the council will pursue giving the chief additional powers to seize the bikes, cars, and racing motorcycles.

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