Atlanta house shot up with children sleeping inside

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Terror gripped one household on Hill Street this week when gunshots rang out early morning Sunday in Atlanta.

“I just heard a whole lot of gunshots,” the homeowner, who did not want us to use her name, told FOX 5. “Then, I just felt one coming through my window upstairs, while I was asleep.”

The homeowner recalled diving to the ground as bullets pierced windows, walls, and doors. The gunfire startled up to 10 people, the majority of whom were children, sleeping inside.

Remarkably, there were no injuries, according to Atlanta police.

But this isn't the first scare for the family.

Atlanta police responded to a similar “shots fired call” on July 16.

The homeowner believes her immediate family is being targeted for a relative's involvement in gang activity.

FOX 5 has learned investigators are actively pursuing several leads, which is a relief for the homeowner who watches after her seven kids and three grandchildren.

“It’s hard to fall asleep not knowing if somebody is going to shoot your house up, [and] for what?” she asked.