Atlanta 'goat' business given Super Bowl ad

An Atlanta family's Super Bowl LIII fever has just begun, after their small business was picked to be featured in their very own commercial during the biggest live event in America. 

Michael, Kristin and Gus Swanson run Get Your Goat Rentals, which loans out herds of goats for landscaping and taking on invasive species on people's properties.

Head & Shoulders picked the family to be featured as a #Headstrong small business owner who was willing to work hard to succeed.

 A 30-second Super Bowl commercial typically costs corporations several million dollars. The Swansons were given the commercial for free. 

Prior to the commercial, the family only used Craigslist and word of mouth to advertise. Now their phone lines have been ringing off the hook.

In addition to millions of views on Feb. 3, the commercial now has around 700,000 views on YouTube