Is plastic the new cash? Atlanta councilman wants to stop businesses from going cashless

Cash used to be king. But that's not exactly the case anymore at various retail establishments around Atlanta. 

One city councilman finds fault with the move to plastic and digital currency. On Tuesday, Antonio Lewis introduced legislation seeking to require businesses to continue accepting paper currency. 

"It's like discrimination," said Lewis. "We have people who may not have a card. Or may not have enough left on their card, but can pay in cash." 

Retailers from restaurants to coffee shops to apparel are finding some forms of card payment to be easier. 

Also, the practice has, in some cases, trimmed theft. 

The councilman may have an uphill battle pushing his legislation through given how rapidly the card-only policy is spreading. 

But, Lewis says he is ready for it. 

"Sometimes, if you are an elected official, you have to step forward and do what is best for all the people." 

Lewis' proposal will go to a council committee next for deliberation.