Atlanta could see changes to city streets to keep up with e-scooters and e-bikes

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Atlanta could see some serious street changes to keep up with the growing number of e-scooters and e-bike users. City leaders and taking a hard look at what needs to be done. Monday night, community members packed a Mobility and Safety Town Hall meeting.

Atlanta, like many other cities across the country, is now trying to figure out how to adapt to keep the streets safe for all, no matter how many wheels someone is using.

"It's learning along the way and finding an optimal place for Atlanta," said Atlanta Planning Commissioner Tim Keane.

In 2019, Atlanta Fire Rescue said they treated 190 people who were injured on scooters, and that doesn't include those who were injured and didn't call 911. There have also been three deaths related to e-scooters in Atlanta and one in East Point.

The city said changes have already been made for safety reasons, including speed limits on the beltline, no nighttime riding and no more permits for new companies. Still, most everyone agrees, more needs to be done.

Keane said we may see some proposals for additional changes in the next few weeks.

Dozens of people in the packed City Hall stood up and expressed their concerns. There were also representatives from the e-scooter companies in the audience.

Nima Daivari with Lime said they're working with the city on future plans, because the scooters aren't going anywhere.

"Scooters are happening globally. Lime alone is in over 25 countries around the world, and we're not the only operator out there. This is like trains, cars, airplanes, this is a new mode of transportation and working mostly everywhere," said Daivari.