Atlanta city leaders vote to expand smoking ban

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The city of Atlanta has further restricted where you can light up within city limits. 

Atlanta's city council approved a measure that would apply to public places like restaurants, bars and smoking lounges at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

There has been a state smoking legislation in place for years but this expands on existing laws. The new ordinance also includes e-cigarettes and vaping. 

Council members voted 13-2 in favor of the ban, after listening to opinions from both supporters and opponents. 

Restaurant owners voiced concerns over financial ramifications. Supporters of a smoke-free city say health should be the priority.

Smoking was already restricted by a Georgia law passed in 2005, which banned smoking in restaurants and bars unless people under 18 are prohibited.

Exempt from the legislation would be private residences, tobacco and vape shops, private clubs, as well as cigar bars and other establishments that ban minors.  

It still needs to be signed by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. If so, the smoking ban will go in to effect in January 2020.