Atlanta City Council wants state to register ATVs

There is one type of vehicle used in street racing that law enforcement cannot track.

Those are the vehicles intended for off-road use and they have no tags.

Atlanta City Councilmember Joyce Sheperd wants to give Atlanta police a tool to monitor ATVs.

On Tuesday, Sheperd -- with many members backing her -- put forward a paper asking the state to require registration for these popular vehicles.

"Last week, I had a woman in my district die from an ATV accident," said Sheperd. "The guy who was driving hit a car, she fell off and the driver kept on going."

The councilwoman, who chairs the public safety committee, said police need to be able to identify drivers who disobey the law. 

Although there has been resistance to such efforts statewide -- particularly in rural areas where young people are able to climb aboard the vehicles -- the councilwoman believes the time may be right for the entire state to enact such a measure.

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