Atlanta City Council members look to set rules on vaping

Atlanta officials want to ensure minors don't get involved in the vaping craze. 

Michael Bond, a citywide council member, said he was surprised to find a gap in the law that can enable kids to make a purchase and the merchant suffers no consequences. 

At a meeting on Monday, Bond's draft of a proposed ordinance saw every member sign on to back his plan. 

Bond wants the minimum age set at 18. He also says the city should outlaw the sale of the candied or flavored vape products. He believes those items tempt teens to try to buy. 

"Definitely we need some regulations," said Jameelah Kates, the parent of a middle school youngster. 

Bond said he is not so much concerned with the actual vape stores.

"That is their business, so I expect they already have restrictions," Bond said. "But a kid can walk into a gas station and they have this stuff."

The councilman's paper is headed to the public safety committee for discussion. 

Vape shop owners are expected to head to city hall to weigh in on the proposal.