Atlanta City Council members demand action on parking plan

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City council members asked for a plan of action on how to better handle public parking in the city of Atlanta. 

Right now, members don't think they have received one.

Over the past several years, if you have tried to pull your vehicle into a legal spot, chances are you know all about the controversy swirling around the private company hired by the former Atlanta mayor  to enforce parking regulations. 

Some, including a state senator, Vincent Fort, said the structure was a non-starter from the beginning. 

He said when you put a business in charge of writing and collecting ticket fees, the profit motive can lead to abuse of the citizens. 

When council members expressed frustration with the lead mayoral official Richard Mendoza concerning the lack of a concrete proposal for the future, Fort said he understands that because the current contract will expire in just a few months. 

The concern as expressed by councilman Alex Wan is that the city will wind up having to settle and possibly renew a bad parking contract.