Atlanta app allows users to hire own police officers

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You can be like a celebrity. Well, sort of. They usually have personal security, often round the clock.

Now, an Atlanta company has created an app that will make police officers as well as unarmed guards available for hire. Costs per hour range from $19 to $60 – the higher amount pays for high-level executive protection.

Chris Rich, the founder of Hawque, says the idea was spawned after he and his family were victims of a home invasion.

Similar to Uber, Hawque allows the customer on short notice to hire the officer. You just have to allow for an hour for arrival.

Some people who have already heard about the idea, which launches July 11, say they would pay for protection for their home or even to go shopping at a busy mall, especially if they are about to make expensive purchases.

You can find more information about downloading the app by going on the app's website.